Adult Diapers

Adult diapers stays as perfect solution to the problem of incontinence– the inability to exercise control over the bladder and the bowel. Ideal for patients suffering from prostate disorder, piles, incontinence, diabetics, urology patients, bedridden and disabled patients.

Adult Pull-Up Diaper (UNISEX)

ADVANCED LEAKAGE PROTECTION : The combination of double layered super absorbent core, tissue and ADL embossed with channels, form a total absorbency system that significantly reduces the chances of leakage. DOUBLE LAYERED ABSORBENT CORE : Super absorbent core design consists of two layers of super absorbent pads which provide excellent urine retention. It absorbs wetness immediately and keeps the user dry and clean. LEG CUFFS AND ELASTIC : It provides a snug fit and ensures protection against leakage in the crotch area. CLOSURE SYSTEM : Refastenable side tapes with landing guide allows repeated adjustments of tape tabs for proper positioning to achieve a comfortable fit. WETNESS INDICATOR : The indicator color fades away when the diaper is wet. A regular changing routine is recommended to prevent diaper rash. EXTRA LOCKING LAYER : A specially designed blue distribution strip to provide a sense of dryness to the skin, providing additional separation between wet diaper and the skin.

  • Medium, Large, Extra Large