Doctors suggest nebulization to administer medicines effectively for respiratory diseases. Nebulizers deliver medication that help you breathe to your lungs via a Mask or mouthpiece. Medications given via nebulizer can treat acute conditions or can prevent respiratory problems from developing. Nebulizers have benefits as a treatment for lung disease over oral medications or inhalers.


High volume nebulizer Compact sporty design for easy transport. Patented pump design for powerful and quiet operation. Includes carrying case with accessory compartment. Breath-enhanced nebulizer design for shorter treatment times.Mouth Piece, Adult And Child Mask, Air Filter

  • Suitable for Kids and Adults
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • FDA and CE Approved
  • Durable Piston Nebulizer
  • Power Supply (215-240vAc; 50-60 Hz) (110-130v Ac, 50-60 Hz)

Piston Nebulizer EzNeb 133

Ezlife Nebulizer is the Best Solution for Asthamatic patients & the ones working in areas prone to Extreme pollution,It helps to regulate inhalation in the comforts of your Home & It is developed for the successful treatment of Asthama, allergies and other respiratory disorders. It creates a stream of Air that travels through clear canal to the Nebulizer. When air enters the Nebulizer,it will convert the prescribed into the aerosol mist for easy inhalation

  • Durable Piston Nebulizer
  • Efficient Respiratory Therapy
  • CE Approved
  • Ideal for all Ages
  • Complete Nebulizer Kits
  • Easy Operation and Clean
  • Elegant Design