Digital Weighing Scales

Weighing Scale has just become need in every house. As people are getting more conscious towards obesity and lifestyle disease, people are adopting various method to stay fit. The digital weighing scale stays as an ideal partner in regular tracking of the weight. Its provides most accurate reading ensuring you know smallest changes in your weight to develop healthier eating habits.

Weighing Scales

Keep a check on your body weight and track it on a regular basis so you can guard your health against obesity; get this stylish and functional weighing scale from Ezlife. Needless to say, lower readings are a great motivation for continuing your efforts at exercising. Capacity This scale can measure up to 180 Kgs of weight without faltering. Units You can set this scale to display results in kilograms or in pounds. Mode of Operation This scale operates on a Li-ion battery. There is a light indicator that signals low charge so you can replace the battery for continued operation.

  • Blue backlight LCD Display
  • Measures in: Kg, lb (180 KG/396lb)
  • Material: 6mm Safety Tempered Glass
  • Maximum Weighing Capacity: 180 kg
  • Division: 50gm
  • Low Battery/Overload Indication
  • Anti Skid Padding